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Golf solutions for backyard training to Professional Ranges and Courses

SPI Nets offers full service netting and installation for Golf driving ranges, while also producing golf cages to assist practicing your golf swing in the convenience of your own backyard. Our golf netting is premium netting, we offer several sizes that will sure to satisfy your needs.

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  1. Diamond Pump

    Pump 20 gallons of water per minute with the Diamond Pump. Great for removing standing water from ball diamonds or other areas holding water. The 6" diameter base disk prevents debris from being drawn into the pump. The unit is completely unaffected by mud. Tough, lightweight ABS construction. Pump water into a bucket or off the field with the specially designed Diamond Hose. Price per single unit
  2. Diamond Pump Hose

    Diamond Pump Hose
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Items 11 to 12 of 12 total