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Golf solutions for backyard training to Professional Ranges and Courses

SPI Nets offers full service netting and installation for Golf driving ranges, while also producing golf cages to assist practicing your golf swing in the convenience of your own backyard. Our golf netting is premium netting, we offer several sizes that will sure to satisfy your needs.

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  1. Golf Practice Mat

    Premium Commercial Golf Mat SPI Nets synthetic turf golf driving mats are an excellent cost-effective way to practice your driving. Our golf driving mats are available in two grades: Standard Residential and Premium Commercial.
  2. Golf Driving Net | Heavy Duty Pro

    SPI Heavy Duty Pro Golf Driving Nets are designed to receive the constant target punishment that is received by multiple golf drives. The high impact resistant construction absorbs the powerful stresses of golf driving. All nets come with a synthetic coating that is all weather tolerant that protects the net in outdoor settings and adds to the abrasion resistance. Popular sizes stocked; our in house net shop can fabricate any custom size.
  3. Golf Driving Cage Net - 10x10x9 **SPECIAL PRICE** Ready to ship!

    Golf Driving Cage Net - 10x10x9 **SPECIAL PRICE** Ready to ship!

    Net only for the 10'H x 10'W x 9'D Poly netting

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $149.00

  4. Golf Driving Cage

    This high-quality golf cage allows players to practice like a professional in the comfort of their own backyard. Completely freestanding, this golf cage is incredibly portable, allowing you adjust your practice location to help protect your grass. An excellent alternative to having to visit your local golf club or driving range, the impressive construction has been made with ultra-durable materials which are weather-resistant, meaning you can leave it outside all year round!
  5. Golf Barrier Nets | Design Your Own

    Our Golf Barrier Netting is made out of our strongest netting materials available. Our net is excellent for golf courses, golf driving ranges, or for your backyard.
  6. Golf Driving Range Netting Services

    golf driving range netting services
  7. Divider Net 12'High X 14'Wide Golf Mesh #36 Nylon Netting

    Constructed from #36 black Golf Mesh weather treated knotted nylon. They are ideal for sectioning off your tunnel for multiple training stations. They are also great for protecting the netting behind the batter and replacing worn sections of net. Includes a complete rope bordered perimeter and snap hooks in the two (2) top corners. Black Latex dip option for extended life.
  8. Custom Net Builder

    Build Your Netting Solutions
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8 Item(s)