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Field Maintenance

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  1. Puddle Pillow set of 10

    Reusable, lightweight and easy to use. Just place pillow in standing water, remove from the area and squeeze out absorbed water. May be used over and over. Ten pillows per case. Each pillow can absorb up to 3.5 liters of water. Priced per case
  2. Drag Mat - All Steel

    Features rugged continuous crimp flexile steel with a rust resistant galvanized finish. Ideal for breaking up aeration plugs, dragging ball diamonds and soil preparation for seeding. Standard duty drag features a 3/8" deep x .046" thick crimp with 1" x 1" mesh. Comes complete with nylon rope and handle attached. Priced per single unit.
  3. Steel Bolt Drag 6' Wide

    This professional drag utilizes 46 staggered heavy grade bolts to be used for heavy dragging
  4. Drag Mat - Natural Fiber Cocoa

    Drag Mat - Natural Fiber Cocoa
  5. Drag Broom 7'

    Drag Broom 7'
  6. Field Rake | 24" or 48"

    These landscape rakes feature a heavy duty 60" aluminum handle and a wide rake head with large teeth on one side and leveling blade on the other.
  7. Diamond Pump

    Pump 20 gallons of water per minute with the Diamond Pump. Great for removing standing water from ball diamonds or other areas holding water. The 6" diameter base disk prevents debris from being drawn into the pump. The unit is completely unaffected by mud. Tough, lightweight ABS construction. Pump water into a bucket or off the field with the specially designed Diamond Hose. Price per single unit
  8. Steel Tamp 10"

    10" Steel Tamp Welded all steel construction with 10" square base plate. and 48" handle. Electro statically powder coated. One of the most durable tamps available.
  9. Hose Reel with Cart - Enduro

    Hose Reel with Cart - Enduro
  10. Watering Hose, Clear - 100

    Clear Hose - 100
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 15 total