Frequently asked Questions

I placed an order, when will my order arrive?

Estimated delivery times appear in the shopping cart and during the checkout process. We monitor closely this time schedule, if estimated delivery times extend from what we originally estimated, we will contact you immediately. (Please note delivery schedules indicate time that the product will ship out and are not indicative of arrival date).

Custom netting panels are commonly manufactured and shipped within 3 to 5 business days at most. Custom batting cages and golf cages are commonly manufactured and shipped within 4 to 6 business days at the most. For very large sized or multi-piece custom projects lead-times will have to be assessed based on the project. Stock items and hardware are available for immediate shipment. We ship via UPS and ship times are based on business days (weekends and holidays do not count).

When will my credit card be charged for my order?

Credit cards will be processed one business day prior to the items ship date.

If the item I am interested in shows "out of stock," when do you expect it in?

Please call us at (866) 243-6387 so we can give you an estimated delivery date for any "out of stock" items you may be interested in.

Do the batting cages come with frames?

Our batting cages are sold as net only. Different installation options for batting cages appear on our web-site.

What are the differences between poly and nylon?

There are many difference between poly and nylon, please refer to our netting reference guide for additional information.

What the difference between Square hung netting and diamond hung netting?

There is many difference between square hung and diamond hung netting, please refer to our netting reference guide for additional information.

What do the difference netting sizes mean and how does it affect strength?

Generally netting is gauged using a number system #15, #21, #36, etc. This system represents only the amount of filaments in a twine, #60 carries many more filaments than #36 but they both use the same type of filaments. As gauge size increases change in filament quantity also increases which increases the breaking strength and thickness of the twine. Thickness also helps with abrasion resistance as it yields more surface area.

What kind of netting material do you build your cages and panels from?

We use only high quality knotted nylon and polyethylene netting.

Do you build your own nets?

We do have our own in-house net fabrication facility. Our builders can manufacture a wide variety of custom nets, if there is something you do not see on our web-site please call toll free (866) 243-6387 for a custom quote.

What are differences between golf barrier netting and golf impact netting?

Twine gauge and mesh size. We use #15 X 1" treated netting for golf barriers. Although this material is sometimes used for direct impact of golf balls we do not recommended it. It should be used over long distances such as golf ranges. Golf impact netting has a woven 7/8" mesh size and is designed to have golf balls driven right into it.

Can golf balls be used inside a batting cage net?

Batting cages are built from baseball mesh netting which is larger than golf ball mesh netting. Golf impact panels can be order to place inside your batting cage net. Combination baseball/golf cage net can be custom quoted.

Can I order any size-batting cage net, golf cage net, or barrier I want?

Yes. Barrier netting is built to order so any dimensions you require can be produced, minimal quantity may apply. Golf cage nets and Batting cage nets can also be built to any dimensions you require. If you require a custom quote please give us a call toll free at (866) 243.6387

Do you do installation?

We are not installation contractors. However, we work closely with a installation company with many years experience properly and professionally installing sports netting. Together we can provide a complete turn-key net installation solution.

Do I always need a rope-border installed on my barrier net?

Rope bound nets generally have an increased overall life span, ease of use, and more installation options. It is recommended to have rope borders installed, South Padre Island Nets, Inc. recommends netting only panels if you are looking to get modifications made to your net.

Can I use hardballs with a pitching machine in your batting cages?

Hardballs can be used with our nets however it is recommended whenever possible to use foam balls or seamless balls particularly when using a pitching machine. Adhering to this practice will greatly increase the life of your net.

What are South Padre Island Nets, Inc. normal hours of operation?

(Central Std. Time): Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Weekends/Major Holidays: Closed (please check our contact us page for full details) Feel free to give a call for custom quotes or product information during our normal hours operation

During the times that we are closed we do offer the option to leave voice mail and a representative from our sales staff will call you back as soon as possible.

Can photos of our installation to be posted on your website?

We encourage customers to send any media they may have regarding our products after installation. Photos, (electronic or mail) will be posted on the website.

Does higher break strength mean a longer lasting net?

A net's break strength is determined by the amount of load tension that may be placed on a strand of twine before that strand breaks. It does not directly correlate to the net life span. Additional information is in our netting reference guide; please consult it for further information.


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